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Многострадальная Калифорния.

Сегодня проверила вебсайт одного из моих любимых докторов, у которого (одного из нескольких) я набиралась медико-диетической премудрости:)) Он, оказывается, снова начал писать после долгого перерыва.

Живёт в Санта Барбаре в Калифорнии (и раньше там жил), и я одно время даже подумывала, а как там в богатом месте (С-Б) люди переживают пожары? Неужели и их таким же образом выживают с насиженного места? Оказывается, да! Их эти беды не обходят стороной. В этом посте он немного описывает,
We got back, spent a couple of days in our house, then were evacuated, because the same fire had burned its way to the hills above us. We ended up getting evacuated and spent 11 days bouncing from hotels to rental houses before the fire—at that time the largest in California history—final got controlled.

We returned to our smoky, ash cluttered house three days before Christmas. We started all the cleanup and tried to get in the holiday spirit, which we barely managed. After Christmas, we cleaned some more and had a couple of fairly peaceful weeks. Then came January 9th.

On January 8th, the weather authorities announced that there was a storm in the forecast for Santa Barbara that night, and they warned of the possibility of flooding and/or mudslides due to the loss of ground cover as a result of the recent fire. MD and I spent the evening traipsing back and forth between our house and the county yard, filling up sandbags and putting them out.

In the early hours of Jan 9, there was a brief but intense rain that flowed off the denuded hills and into the streams causing a disastrous debris flow that destroyed millions of dollars of property and killed 23 of our neighbors, including a father and his daughter two houses away from us. We were trapped as the debris flow wiped out the roads on all sides of our house, which was spared. It took four days for the roads to be cleared enough to allow us to leave, which we finally did and went back up to our home in Tahoe. The photo at the top of this post is one I took of our street right outside our house as dawn broke on the morning of the debris flow.

The whole Montecito area (a small burb of Santa Barbara) was a complete disaster. Took people working round the clock for weeks to get everything cleaned up enough to at least allow people back into their houses. Even then it was over three weeks before we could get back into our own street.

When we were allowed back, the entire neighborhood looked like it had been bombed. Hulks of houses littered the landscape that had previously been covered with foliage. There are still, even two years later, roads closed and bridges washed out that haven’t been restored.

практически, то же самое, что и русская мать пятерых детей, живущая тоже в Калифорнии: сначала пожары, а потом дожди со сходом грязевых селей с гор. Об этом писала "Когда в дверь стучатся полицейские...."

...надо послушаться и уезжать. Им велено вас предупредить, может, даже потому, что у вас пятеро детей. Особенно сейчас такое нельзя игнорировать. И уезжать быстро, далеко и насовсем.

mislpronzaya прислал ссылку:

"Когда за несколько дней до происшествия пошли разговоры о том, что долгие пожары месячной давности могут вызвать сходы селевых потоков, на это никто не обратил внимания...."

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