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Белый дом теперь заразный.

The White House is now a coronavirus hot spot. Are the staffers in Trump’s residence safe? The Washington Post

The White House residence staff members are largely Black and Latino, and often elderly, according to Kate Anderson Brower, who compiled a trove of interviews with former staffers for her book “The Residence.” Numbering 90-some full-time ushers, butlers, housekeepers, valets, florists, engineers and cooks charged with maintaining the historical house and creating a comfortable home free from prying eyes, they work more closely with the first family than perhaps anyone else in that building. These employees often keep their positions for decades and work for administration after administration, viewing their job as holding up the integrity of the White House regardless of who is in office.

“They’re supporting an institution, not a singular presidency,” said Anita McBride, who was Laura Bush’s chief of staff and is a White House historian for American University.......

That tradition continued after emancipation. “Back in the Jim Crow era, those are some of the jobs we got. And it was an honorable profession,” Charles Allen said. These jobs have also been regularly held by members of the same family for successive generations.

Much of today’s staff is composed of African American, Latino or Filipino employees, and many are older, making them among the most vulnerable populations in the pandemic......

As the residence staff has been caring for the first family, a chorus of concern has started to rise among former White House and residence staff members about whether the first family and the administration are taking care of those employees in return. For months, this administration has treated the White House as a bubble immune to the coronavirus, ignoring guidance from its own Centers for Disease Control and Prevention by refusing to wear masks, neglecting to maintain social distance and relying on rapid coronavirus tests that have been shown to miss infections.....

Обслуга начинает роптать. Они исправно носят маски, а "баре" даже и не думают. Люди в штате обслуги Белого Дома работают при разных президентах, они служат не конкретному президенту, они служат государству и институту президентства в США. Президенты приходят и уходят, а они остаются. Там работают много чёрных и латинос. Большинство. И люди не молоденькие, со стажем и опытные.

Посмотрим, во что это выльется. Уже называют Белый Дом "горячей точкой коронавируса (Hot spot). Может, вообще объявить его лепрозорием или чумным бараком и разбежаться?;)
К этому всё идёт?  Если ещё парочка заразившихся появится, то........

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