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Зарядка с утра))))))

Torah Bright, an Australian snowboarder, is taking breastfeeding to a whole new level.

The 34-year-old Olympic gold medalist shared a tribute to her son on Instagram for Mother's Day earlier this month, which included photos with her 10-month-old baby boy, whom she welcomed on July 5, 2020, with Angus Thomson.

Among the photos is a sunny snapshot showing the mom breastfeeding her son outside in her underwear — while upside down doing a headdstand.

"Becoming a mother has unleashed something inside of me. 💖 It's deeply spiritual. 💖 It's primal. 💖 It's raw. 💖 it's fierce. 💖 It is pure. 💖 I am mother," she wrote in the caption. "My prayer for all mothers, now and in the future is that they be heard. Honoured. Respected and encouraged to trust their intuition.".....


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